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TypoXP Reloaded 1.1

So, I am digging this WordPress theme TypoXP Reloaded.  Initially it seems very cool.  It is enabled for Plug-ins, Widgets and Google AdSense.  Wow, three links in the first sentence, this blog is off & running.  The theme is being actively worked on, in fact, that the most recent update was February 10, 2007 and the author, Everton Blair, while he does not appear (via his discussion forum) to be a “Theme God,” he does appear to be seeking and receiving advice from the likes of Ajay D’Souza.  I have used some of Ajay’s themes before, and I have found them extremely functional and easy to customize.

So far, I have updated the AdSense code per the readme file provided in the *.zip which I downloaded yesterday.  So far, I am not seeing any AdSense Ads showing up.  Although, it may take a few hours for Google to figure out the content of the first article before we begin to see the ads cycle through successfully.  We will keep our eyes on this.

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  1. Ajay February 17, 2007 at 12:21 pm #

    I can see the adsense ads in the read more. I’m not sure of the exact structure of TypoXP Reloaded… why not ask Everton to take a look. He got a support forum setup at http://forum.connectedinternet.co.uk/index.php

  2. Everton Blair February 17, 2007 at 1:08 pm #


    Everton here. Glad you like the theme.

    Ajay actually sent me this link. Some people have had problems uploading the adsense ads to their servers. What you need to do is go into ‘Presentation’ and look at the formatting of your ads. If they are one big block of text, then tidy them up so they look like the code you would get direct from Google.

    Goog luck and have fun! Buzz me in the forum if you have any more probs.


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