Kumiko is Pink, or Green, rather…

Kumiko's Cash Quest

I have been following Kumiko’s Cash Quest for about the last 4 or 5 months. I mean who wouldn’t want to follow this “Cash Quest”?

On her “About” page, she answers the question on everybody’s mind:

Q: Why is your site so pink?
A: I like pink!!

Well, let’s just say that anybody who gives that much personality in 9 words or less – I am going to follow their stuff.

Her observations are also extremely relevant to those who are at the start of their online money making ventures. By focusing on how to make money online, she adds value to the affiliate community by providing her successes and failures along with fully disclosing her earnings. I really dig this approach and will continue to follow her online cash quest experiences.

Recently, we created the first contest at Bloglyne as a way to raise money for the March of Dimes. Kumiko is offering a contest which is generating links and traffic to her site through her Cash Quest Competition – something you should check out! Should we win the prize for our entry, we will donate the $100 cash portion to our “Be A Hero For Babies Day” promotion.

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