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New York! New York! There’s Too Much To Do In New York!

We’ve all felt the lure of the largest city in the United States. New York City’s endless shopping opportunities, the perpetual line of yellow cabs that stream down the roads, and some of the world’s best night life all beckon to us from the movie and television screen. The night life is so good, in […]

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Holy Hannah! (Montana)

As if teenagers aren’t complicated enough, trying to figure out the whole Hannah Montana thing is destined to cause a headache. Miley Stewart is a character in a the hit Disney series entitled Hannah Montana. Stewart’s character plays a mild-mannered student during the day and super rock star Hannah Montana at night. While that’s not […]

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Deja Vu & Copyscape

So, you are browsing the Internet and you see a site, or article that reminds you of something you worked on a few weeks, months, or years ago. Upon further review, you realize this is not just a common feeling of Deja Vu – this is not just a reminder of an article, but when […]

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PHP Link Directory 3.3 Final Released

After almost nine months the 3.3 version of phpLD (PHP Link Directory) was released on January 17th, last week. David, the phpLD Administrator posted on the phpLD boards: After nearly 9 months since the release or phpLD version 3.2, we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.3. Many users have now tested the […]

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2008 New Year Resolutions

I think I will work on this list for this year…

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Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus / Aly & A.J. – Austin Insanity!

Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus – Who?!?! Good grief! I cannot keep up with my kids – Yesterday was crazy in Austin, TX as Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus showed up for her concert here, along with Aly & A.J. All this fuss over a teenage singer… So many people including myself think it is […]

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A Little Magic To Mark The Beginning Of The Week

Inspired by Magic Dude from I thought I might get “in touch” with some of my past and begin publishing a weekly article having to do with the way I paid for college and the beer I drank there… MAGIC Enjoy

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I Bought Two! Samsung SyncMaster 206BW

Okay – flat out – I’m not getting paid for this review by Samsung, I have no affiliation that I know of with them, but I have got nothing but good things to say about this 20 inch widescreen 1680 x 1050 panel. I bought my first one as soon as it came out – […]

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Alexa Rank Keeps On Movin’ Up

Update on Alexa rank. Alexa rank was 1,219,158 Alexa rank today is 1,069,216 You can download the widget and their toolbar from their site here Also, make sure to check out the “Increasing Alexa Rank – A Joint Experiment” at Connected Internet.

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PHP Video Tutorials & Chicken Ti#ies

An Australian fellow calling himself Leighmac will talk about Chicken Ti#ies, recipes, and PHP. PHP is a widely used Hypertext Preprocessor language – an open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages. I have heard about this language (although, I am not a programmer), but have not had a chance […]

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