Back from Tokyo and Suffering

We made it!

We are back from Tokyo – but let me tell ya – “jet lag” really sucks!  It is 2:59a.m. and I am not tired at all, I am working on my new project (a directory site). I slept all day today, couldn’t stay awake – I tried, but failed… Ah well, at least I will get some quality work done on the directory.

I am hoping to have a ton of new articles on all of my trials and tribulations with putting up a directory site.  However, it is so labor intensive right now having to climb another learning curve, that I do not want to get too distracted by writing a bunch of articles – I actually would like the site to go live with something resembling an acceptable format and content before the next millennium!

For starters, I looked at two different directory packages, eSyndicat and phpLD – Right now I have decided to go with PHP Link Directory as I think the support response I received was much quicker and more in line with what I was looking for – please understand, that I did NOT have a bad experience with eSyndicat and, in fact, that package seemed to have more of the features I am looking for, however, the response I received from phpLD and the ability for that package to get up and running right away where I was not able to get the eSyndicat package to work with my host GoDaddy was the largest influence in why I have decided to go with phpLD for the time being.

If you would like to comment on your experiences with these two packages or provide your .02 cents on other Directory software packages, I welcome your feedback!

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