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I stayed up all last night working on modifying / creating a new template for my directory site (still to be named… as it is not anywhere close to being ready for prime time).  It was a tangled mess of digging through *.tpl and *.php files spending hours modifying a couple of lines in the CSS file that I did not understand and had no point of reference for to make them “just right.”

I was able to work through a lot of it though, which really left me with a feeling of accomplishment, then I read from David over at the PHP Link Directory Forums that the 3.3 version of PHP Link Directory will be released soon and has a whole new template structure *grins*  I will chalk it up to part of the “learning curve” that is the world of Directories.

David’s article titled – phpLD 3.3 Preview contains a link which describes some of the new features being rolled out.  From lurking on the forums over the past few days, I believe that many in the phpLD community will be really excited about these new features some of which are listed below:

  • Business Listings and Google Maps
    • You will now be able to run phpLD as a business directory of physical locations, not just a link directory.  This is something I am very excited about, and am looking forward to as it fits my new site, “like a glove.”
  • Admin Template Manager
    • This was a bit of an annoyance to me – probably just because I was so new, but I found the navigation method in the 3.2 Admin Panel to be very cumbersome as the only option was to have the main navigation in the left panel.  With this update, we will have the opportunity to have the navigation inside the Panel at the top as well as modify other options to make the Administrative tasks a little more intuitive.
  • Article Submit
    • The phpLD team has enabled the ability to have members of your community, subscribers or even anonymous contributors add content to the site – completely customizable to the needs of the site
  • Article Ratings Settings
    • In addition to being able to have articles submitted to your site, they are also implementing an article comments and article rating scheme.
  • Many other features…
    • Per Dawzz on the board, there are many other features which will be part of the 3.3 release which have not been disclosed yet – so stay tuned – it should be a pretty exciting month… well – exciting if you consider staying up and playing with your Directory all night – well… exciting… I guess for those of you with real lives to live *contemplating my own life*, this may not rank right up there… but … well… never mind

Like I said, for users and potential future users of the PHP Link Directory software, this should be an exciting month!

Onward and Upward!

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