LemonShadow2 Template for My Directory

LemonShadow2 by OS Designer Screenshot

Well – Busy day today, spent a lot of it getting back into the swing of things at the main biz. But, I am about to wrap up my day at 2:48a.m. as I have an appointment with a client at 8:00a.m. in about 5 hours and need my beauty sleep… man do I EVER need my beauty sleep!

Currently, I am using the LemonShadow2 phpLD Template by OS Designer. This thing is nifty and OS Designer has also made a companion WordPress template to go along with the directory template called LemonPress. I have not used LemonPress, but for those using the free version of PHP Link Directory they can directly link the LemonPress blog to their directory and keep visual continuity across both sites.

LemonShadow2 is a really great, and “simple to customize” template. It comes with some of the following features:

  • Really nice 3 column format
  • Pre-configured space for banner and text link ads
  • Google AdSense Ready
  • Easily editable Google Template file which allows for customization of links and your publisher ID
  • The 3.2 version comes with Articles and Contact Me pages already installed
  • Very few images to load in the template makes its load times extremely fast
  • What I really like is that this is a free template and OS Designer does not require you to “pimp out” the directory by listing 3 sponsors in addition to phpLD and himself. All you need to do is leave his link in the footer alone, the rest of the template you can “go to town” with…

So, today I spent a few hours customizing the image files and CSS into a color scheme which I preferred to the LemonShadow colors, but still need to work on a logo… well – there is always tomorrow.

2 Responses to LemonShadow2 Template for My Directory

  1. Shabu Anower January 9, 2008 at 1:22 pm #

    After reading your post I realized that OS Designer did some good job for phpLD user. LemonShadow is the best work from my free templates, having 100+ user is a good amount for a templates, I think so :p

    Thanks for your time to write your kind words about LemonShadow, I appreciate it :)

  2. Ahead Directory January 9, 2008 at 1:27 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. I m looking for a template for my site. Your review will help me to pick the right now :)

    Btw do you know how much they charge for the template?

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