PHP Link Directory 3.3 Final Released

After almost nine months the 3.3 version of phpLD (PHP Link Directory) was released on January 17th, last week. David, the phpLD Administrator posted on the phpLD boards:

PHP Link Directory User Registration

After nearly 9 months since the release or phpLD version 3.2, we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.3. Many users have now tested the beta, as well as upgraded from 3.2, and we feel that we have reached a very stable version, and hope that you will find this latest release the best ever!

Here are some important links and info for those wishing to get started with 3.3:
1. Screenshots and Preview – here you can read about and view some of the new features of 3.3
2. Template Changes – if you are a template maker or have a template that needs upgrading, here is a guide to the changes needed in the smarty code for your template files.
3. How to Upgrade – if you are running an earlier version and wish to upgrade, we have provided some detailed instructions for how to do it, though we also recommend getting professional help when possible.
4. Download it! – You just need to login to the phpLD user area and download the files to get started. Login on the left side of the homepage of this site, and then click on My Downloads.

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience. We are hopeful that we have placed even more important tools in your hands that will lead you to having a successful site that you enjoy running. We will be immediately starting into the next version of phpLD, and promise to get the next one faster (though surely a few months still).

Best Wishes,
phpLD Team

(note: we are announcing this in the supporters forum first, and then we will expand the announcement in the coming days)

There was a patched release on January 18, which is available in the download area of the PHP Link Directory site – if you have the purchased version. For the most part the release has been very solid. I am extremely pleased with what they have done with addition of Article Submit, New Page Creation, and other similar features. We will soon be announcing our phpLD driven directory. We hope you will all take time to visit and provide feedback once we do!


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