The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

Guy’s full presentation video on the, “Art of the Start” can be found at Guy Kawasaki‘s site or on Google Video.

This presentation which runs just under 40 minutes was well worth my time to watch not once, but many times. I find myself watching it when I get discouraged by the daily trappings of my business, things which prevent me from working toward the purpose I have found which drives me to keep going. Besides, the payoff at the end of the video as they are running him off the stage is priceless!

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, affiliate marketer, or simply somebody who is always looking to be inspired, take some time and watch this presentation. What do you think, is Guy full of it? Do you agree, or disagree with his comments about mission statements, etc.? I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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One Response to The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

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