Randy Pausch – Goodbye and So Long

As many of you know Randy Pausch died last Friday, July 25, 2008.  I did not know him or his family, but like many of you, his spirit captured my attention after I watched his “Last Lecture” on YouTube.

I have gone back and forth over the past few days, trying to decide if I would write anything… as you can see, I did decide to write a bit.

Over the past couple of weeks a message has been coming through very clear to me – it is an exciting message, one that says, “if you wish it…”  Randy has inspired this thought and feeling even stronger in me and I want to thank him, and those who are close to him for supporting that message through him.

It may seem trite, but I like these sayings which encapsulate moments of greatness – and I think this message which I heard last week on America’s Got Talent goes hand in hand with Randy’s philosophy – “I don’t know how long I’ll last, but I’m here today!”

What a great blessing… Well, Professor Randy Pausch, Goodbye and So Long – of course, you will be missed, thank you for choosing to sew those nets for all of us.

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