T. Boone Pickens Courtesy of the Auto Channel

This is a long video but worth watching (there are audio issues, but they go away in the first third of the video). It is more current than the last T. Boone Pickens video which we posted. I was put up on the Pickens Plan site on September 17 from Boone’s appearance the Future is Green Conference and Expo on September 15 – the direct link to the article is “We have the natural gas, why don’t we have more vehicles on natural gas?”

I think there were some great questions asked by the audience and it was good to hear Boone’s responses.  I think it is amazing that most politicians are “chasing their tails” by going after the most ineffective ways to solve this issue.

We are facing so many issues right now as a nation, it would be great to see the United States actually unite behind something that would benefit everybody and not special interests or unfair capital advantage – I think it is also very interesting that we are spending $700 Billion per year to import foreign oil at the same time the government spends $700 Billion to nationalize a bunch of irresponsible businesses to keep them afloat for some aloof benefit to the taxpayer which we will never really realize – but I digress… the point being that if we weren’t pissing our money away funding the lifestyles of the rich and infamous in the Middle East, perhaps, the $700 Billion the Fed and the Government say that we need right now for our economy would be a little easier to swallow – but you but these 2 numbers together and now we are at $1.4 Trillion dollars this year – for what???  Nothing but programs which weaken us as a nation… I love America and the people here – whether they share my views or agree with me or not – but, we have seriously got to wake up – or what will be left for our grandchildren?

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