Comment Spam – What the ????

Lots and lots of comment spam over the past few months, and I can appreciate why, everybody wants backlinks to their sites, and officially, we are not allowed to pay for links – it will violate the “do no harm” edict of Google, well, that is until you become a multi million dollar enterprise and can afford to buy as many links as you want…Here is the thing, I am happy to approve comments, and provide value to the SEO community at large, but I will not approve comments with crazy freaking keywords where your name should be – no I will not publish a comment by “Sony Big Ass Plasma” with a link to your Amazon affiliate TV “shop” – not gonna happen, so, IF you would like me to approve your comment, it must be relevant to the topic you are commenting on and it MUST have a name that sounds like a freakin’ name – Thanks for visiting, thanks for your comments and we’ll move upward and onward!


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  1. The Rookie December 28, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    I seriously don’t understand why people even try to put garbage posts that don’t relate to the topic. I just wrote about this on one of my own sites how people would be better off just have common courtesy. It just seems like people are wasting their time or resources when all they needed to do was just relate.

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