Comment Spam – What the ????

Lots and lots of comment spam over the past few months, and I can appreciate why, everybody wants backlinks to their sites, and officially, we are not allowed to pay for links – it will violate the “do no harm” edict of Google, well, that is until you become a multi million dollar enterprise and can afford to buy as many links as you want…Here is the thing, I am happy to approve comments, and provide value to the SEO community at large, but I will not approve comments with crazy freaking keywords where your name should be – no I will not publish a comment by “Sony Big Ass Plasma” with a link to your Amazon affiliate TV “shop” – not gonna happen, so, IF you would like me to approve your comment, it must be relevant to the topic you are commenting on and it MUST have a name that sounds like a freakin’ name – Thanks for visiting, thanks for your comments and we’ll move upward and onward!


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