6 Special Winter Wedding Gathering Or Menus De Boda Table Decorations

Weddings are magical in all types and themes, but winter weddings seem to bring the breathtaking feeling up a few notches. There are hundreds of elements associated with winter starting from snowflakes and glittery snow to thoughts of Christmas. When planning a wedding during this season, before making or buying winter wedding reception or menus de boda centerpieces, it's important to determine which atmosphere you are going for. The centerpieces are usually one of the first things noticed at the reception, so they will set the mood.

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Winter Effects

For an overall white winter theme, have little white lights strung throughout the reception area or else use several white candles to provide a warm glow. Scatter "snow" on the tables for a glittering effect and use colors such as red and white or blue and silver. If you prefer to have a Christmas effect utilize reds and greens, however, it is best to use these colors together with cream or white to break them up.

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Poinsettias are gorgeous centerpieces for Christmas wedding ceremonies or banquetes de boda and they are available in other colors besides red. For a great centerpiece using a poinsettia, place it on a mirror with pine cones, holly leaves and minute bells surrounding the potted plant. Snow globes look wonderful when used with poinsettias and can be placed on either side of the flowers, or purchase miniature snow globes to provide the guests as wedding favors and add one beside each place setting.

Gingerbread Houses

Using a gingerbread house for the centerpieces is a charming way to incorporate the wedding colors into the decorations. Use icing that is in the primary wedding colors to add snow to the roofs and delineate the doors and windows. Place them in the center of the tables with plenty of "snow" around the house. For wedding favors, make gingerbread men cookies, tie a ribbon in the wedding colors around the cookie and place at each place setting.

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For a winter-like wedding with a Christmas theme, wrap large empty boxes with red, green or blue wrapping paper and tie with large white bows. Center the large box on the table and surround it with smaller wrapped boxes in white traditional paper with a bow to match the wrapping on the large box. To incorporate the wedding favors with the centerpieces, wrap the wedding favors in the smaller boxes and instruct the guests to take a present as they leave.

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Pine Trees

Purchase a small pine tree for each individual table and decorate with miniature ornaments. The ornaments can be different on every tree or use small ball ornaments that are in the colors of the wedding or salones de boda . Center the tree on a "snow" covered mirror and place smaller snow covered pine trees surrounding the larger one. Small pine trees can be found in most craft stores and would look great as the place seating markers. For a unique idea, hang small key chains on each of the pine trees used as centerpieces and instruct the guests to grab an "ornament" as their wedding favor.

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Winter wedding reception centerpieces created from candles provide a warm glow to the whole room. Candle centerpieces can be as simple as one large candle centered on a snow covered mirror. For elaborate table decorations, choose a silver candelabras with white candles and ribbon draping all-around the candelabra. An easy candle centerpiece can be created by placing groups of varying size white candles lengthwise on the tables or grouped together in the center with pine cones, snow, berries or possibly grapevine wreathes.

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