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Alexa Rank Keeps On Movin’ Up

Update on Alexa rank. Alexa rank was 1,219,158 Alexa rank today is 1,069,216 You can download the widget and their toolbar from their site here Also, make sure to check out the “Increasing Alexa Rank – A Joint Experiment” at Connected Internet.

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Alexa Rank on the Rise

In about two short weeks of posting, I have seen a little less than 210,000 increase in the ol’ Alexa rank. Alexa rank was 1,428,583 Alexa rank today is 1,219,158 It is interesting how a bit of effort is seemingly rewarded.

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Been A While – A Quick Update

As some of you may or may not know, the ol’ ticker has been giving me some trouble this year.  So, I have been taking the last few weeks off as we have had guests from all over the world visiting us. Sorry I have not really kept the site up or done much in […]

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Exciting! In just a few short months has broken through the 200,000 Alexa rank to reach 196,552. Our last weeks average was 100,372 – so, we are aggressivley targeting breaking though that 100,000 mark… Now, there are many folks out there that believe Alexa ranking to be a joke, however, we do not game […]

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Increasing Alexa Rank Experiment

I joined the “Increasing Alexa Rank – A Joint Experiment” from Everton’s site on March 27th, 2007. It has been a little over six weeks since beginning the experiment and I have noticed some very interesting and significant results. I stopped writing weekly updates to the site, because I needed to focus on my business […]

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20 Ways To Improve Your Alexa Rank Without Gaming The System

I recently ran across a brief summary post on Connected Internet which referred to an article at DoshDosh highlighting 20 specific tips to improve your Alexa rank. Most of the steps seem fairly straight forward and ethical, here are 5 that I consider practical to implement quickly: 1. Install the Alexa toolbar or Firefox’s SearchStatus […]

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