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Top 10 Ways to Increase Subscribers??? Bloglyne’s Subscriber Dilemma

Recently a friend of ours pointed out that a bunch of our subscriber links were broken – Thanks Mark from 45n5! So this started me wondering if I actually had subscribers that were not being measured by our FeedBurner widget – it would be nice to think so, but, whether we do or not, it […]

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aWeber – Junk In The Trunk…?!?!

Was monitoring my RSS email broadcasts this last week, which I publish through our beloved aWeber – I totally stand behind their service, but I noticed that the byline under our Blog Title was switched out from “An Internet Project” to “junk in the trunk” I spent about 40 minutes trying to track down the […]

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Do The Do – DoFollow, That Is…

We have been part of the DoFollow generation for a few months now, but now that there are nifty badges available, and with the notes from other DoFollow blog articles suggesting that it is a GREAT idea to notify our readers and visitors about our NoFollow or DoFollow status – here is ours. We definitely […]

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A HUGE Thank You Goes Out To Our Friends, Readers & Subscribers

May was a great month and June looks like it is shaping up to be even better! Our Alexa rank took a giant leap this month, it is not reflected on the Alexa badge yet, but we have almost reached into the top 200,000 – Currently, we have reached a ranking of 208,581! Some of […]

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The Long Slide Down

Well, I find myself in a bit of a conundrum – I need to operate my regular daily business, and I am developing or re-designing an old affiliate site… for the past 2 weeks, I have been re-designing it, and coming up with new and original content… and it eats all of my time, so, […]

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Ratings & Rankings

This is really interestig stuff – I am excited to see that I made it on Alexa’s radar. It is nothing extravegant, but still for a site up less than 30 days, not too bad either. 3 month avg 742,880 1 week avg 154,634 Yesterday 92,439 At Technorati – I have progressed from >900,000 to […]

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And He Thought… Updates

So, yesterday started out like any other – I thought I would read some of my favorite sites and see what was going on in the world. Soon after, I decided to take the “bull by the horns” and fix the comment format issue I was having, and while I was at it, perform some […]

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Amazed By The Blog

I am encouraged by what I have seen since starting 16 days ago. I have found a more focused voice, I have a bunch of people who I respect making comments (good and bad) on my articles. Heck, I even have some affiliate network folks commenting on various articles. I am amazed by the […]

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Buying Comments – Are We Shooting Ourselves In The Foot?

Recently, I have noticed what seems to be a growing trend from sites and blogs that I consider to be legit, as well as, extremely valuable, promising money or fame for the quantity of comments left on their site. What Do You Think? I am curious what folks really think about this practice. To be […]

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Took Advice from Pros Who Know

Received feedback yesterday from a couple of guys who I respect about a few changes they felt needed to be made to help the site be more user friendly. So, I spent some time yesterday and this morning making changes to header styles and AdWords placement/style. I cleaned up some of the Theme code for […]

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