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How To Buy Gold In This Market

A friend of mine came over the other night for a few beers and said that he was in the process of buying gold. His point of view is that no matter what the stock market does, he wants to have some real tangible gold at his home if the whole economy “tanks”. This MarketWatch […]

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Anthony Robbins At TEDTalks – Feb 2006

With all the negative stuff floating around about the economy and AIG and everything else – I think a dose of Tony Robbins is what is called for… Enjoy!

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Do You Suck At Typing?

62 words This is a fun little typing application which will allow you to practice typing the most common used words in the English language and post a little badge for all to see how well you do *grins* Check it out, it is surprisingly fun and addictive! Try Speedtest out now

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The Worst Things About Internet Extension

Ever find yourself asking, begging, pleading – “How do I Convert a pdf file into something useful like a Word document?” Probably, if you were to take a poll of HUGE annoyances for internet affiliates, publishers and business owners, this would rank right up at the top! I absolutely HATE dealing with different file formats, […]

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Deja Vu & Copyscape

So, you are browsing the Internet and you see a site, or article that reminds you of something you worked on a few weeks, months, or years ago. Upon further review, you realize this is not just a common feeling of Deja Vu – this is not just a reminder of an article, but when […]

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The Dark Side – Email Scamming

Just received an email this morning, and, of course it is a another email scam. However, when doing research on this little bad boy, I was surprised to find a number of comments on blogs which reported people had “fallen for” this dirty trick. What was really hilarious was that I did a search on […]

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Joost & Tips About Reporting Bugs

Thanks go to Simon Barker of for hooking me up with a Joost Beta invite. If you would like an invite, drop me a line and if you are nice I will hook you up! The quality of the player is amazing, but remember that this is still beta level software. Many people seem […]

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