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Dan Wheldon Dies in 15 Car Crash 2011 IndyCar World Championships in Las Vegas

Such a sad day for Wheldon’s family… our prayers and thoughts are with them…

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Checkmate Prediction – McCain Mis-step and Democrat Selfishness

Here is what I think will happen in the next 48 hours… let’s see if I’m right. McCain has told the Democrats how to keep him from the debate at the University of Mississippi tomorrow – it has been reported to the public that if there is no agreement on the $700,000,000,000 bailout then he […]

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T. Boone Pickens Courtesy of the Auto Channel

This is a long video but worth watching (there are audio issues, but they go away in the first third of the video). It is more current than the last T. Boone Pickens video which we posted. I was put up on the Pickens Plan site on September 17 from Boone’s appearance the Future is […]

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AIG Rescue at Hand: Government to Take 80% Stake in Exchange for $85 Billion

Check out the Insurance Journal article about AIG – I commented on the article and here is a recap: I cannot believe they are getting a bailout for being irresponsible! They screwed up and now are going to screw many of us out of more money in the form of $85,000,000,000 – that is what […]

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NBC Refusing To Run Pickens Ad

Check out the video above… I saw this while getting my dose of Pickens news today – The story at TheDailyPickens says: <blockquote>The ads have been “cleared” by every network… except for NBC which has refused to clear a :15 second ad about Iran…The problem? NBC wants us to PROVE that “we’re not doing a […]

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T. Boone Pickens Is Full Of Crude

T. Boone Pickens is peddling a plan called, very imaginatively, The Pickens Plan to save America from our dependence on foreign oil – is this for real, just a bunch of hot air, or worse? According to the video on the left, the United States is in BIG trouble – we are transferring $700 Billion to […]

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Christian The Lion

Christian the Lion, Who Thought He Was People is a great documentary about Christian, Boy, Katania (the Lions) and Anthony (Ace) Bourke (incorrectly named in this clip and incorrectly named by all if not most of the media outlets, as Ace Berg – I wish they would get their research right…), John Rendall, Terence Adamson […]

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Randy Pausch Updated – May 18th, 2008

Right away I will tell you that I am not a ardent watcher of Randy’s update page. I go there when I think about him and his family to see what is going on and to see if there is anything specific besides his general condition that I can pray for him and his family. […]

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Foo Fighters 2008 Tour

For a band that didn’t set out to play arena rock, the Foo Fighters have never had trouble filling stadiums. Be sure to check out the Foo Fighters Concert Schedule. “I wouldn’t want things to go huge, crazy out of control,” Dave Grohl, the band’s versatile front man said in 2000. Since then, with the […]

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Avril Lavigne 2008 Tour

Avril Lavigne’s latest tour will kick off March 5th 2008. Best Damn Tour will mark her third world tour, which will complement Avril’s album and single titled “The Best Damn Thing.” The new tour promises to be bigger than ever, and Avril Lavigne is slated not only to sing, but to play guitar, piano and […]

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