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New York! New York! There’s Too Much To Do In New York!

We’ve all felt the lure of the largest city in the United States. New York City’s endless shopping opportunities, the perpetual line of yellow cabs that stream down the roads, and some of the world’s best night life all beckon to us from the movie and television screen. The night life is so good, in […]

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2008 New Year Resolutions

I think I will work on this list for this year…

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Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus / Aly & A.J. – Austin Insanity!

Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus – Who?!?! Good grief! I cannot keep up with my kids – Yesterday was crazy in Austin, TX as Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus showed up for her concert here, along with Aly & A.J. All this fuss over a teenage singer… So many people including myself think it is […]

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Do You Ever Get Anything Done? Really?!?

I cannot seem to get anything done, everything is always in some sort of state of incompleteness – a few minutes ago, I remembered “out of the blue” that I started signing up for the new Google YouTube AdSense stuff the other day and never completed it, because of the other projects which took my […]

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Feel Good Today…

Just take time and feel good today.

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What Happened To Tatman???

Has anybody noticed that there has not been a new post at Internet Marketing Tell All for over a week? It sounded like Tatman was going to be posting pretty faithfully through April 14th. I have tried to reach him via his BUMPzee! account, as well as, the blog. I have found this blog to […]

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Comedy & Tragedy

Of course, the program planners, the writers argue that media reflects reality.  Others would say that reality reflects media.  Now, we are all adults, aren’t we?  We are all capable of making decisions on our own.  It is too simple a thing to say that the media influences us or that we influence the media. […]

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