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Comment Spam – What the ????

Lots and lots of comment spam over the past few months, and I can appreciate why, everybody wants backlinks to their sites, and officially, we are not allowed to pay for links – it will violate the “do no harm” edict of Google, well, that is until you become a multi million dollar enterprise and […]

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Drama In The Blogosphere

Well let’s face it, as much as Google has made things great as far as easily monetizing blogs and other content websites, they have also really done a lot to make sure that blogging is never boring. Stay with me here… Without the infamous “Google Slap” where would the excitement be? They keep the drama […]

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The Best SEO Advice You Will Ever Hear – Not So Much…

Mark from 45n5 recently published an article & video on his blog 45n5 called “The Best SEO Advice You Will Ever Hear” and while I agree that he eventually got to one good tidbit of advice, in my opinion, I believe there are quite a few who would agree that his title was a bit […]

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Search Arbitrage 101 – Kris Jones On What It Is & Why Should Affiliates Care

I am constantly amazed at how much there is to learn about affiliate marketing. People that we should recognize and get to know, listen to and benefit from. I recently came across an excellent video by Kristopher Jones, President & CEO of on Search Arbitrage – NOT AdSense Arbitrage, a term which seems to […]

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SearchStatus – Click-Sharing – Are You Built To Compete?

I have been using a FireFox Add-on called SearchStatus for the past few months. It allows the user to view the Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and with the latest update the Compete Rank. The Add-on is simple to install and unobtrusive, you do not have to click on anything to get a PageRank, it simply […]

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One Way Inbound PR 9 Links For FREE

Here is a way that you can get your site, articles AND photo listed in Google News and Yahoo! News For FREE I have noticed recently, that there seems to be a trend where more affiliate marketers, including me, have been all to willing to part with our money for press releases and other link […]

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